Winter Is Here.
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Moisturize, repair, and protect your
lips & face with our all-in-one balm


All-In-One Balm

Your go to moisturizer for everything... Chapped lips, dry face, irritation, cracked elbows, uneven tone, fresh scars, dry hands, razor burn. You name it, Stoked Goods will moisturize and repair it.

Ingredients That Work, Without Chemicals

Five of the highest quality, fair-trade, non-GMO, organic ingredients. Coconut oil, shea butter, cacao butter, vitamin-E, beeswax. Zero chemicals, unlimited moisture and healing properties.

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Plastic Free

Every day, approximately 86,000 plastic lip balm tubes are discarded. Made of 80% recycled paper, with 60% post-consumer content, the tube is completely biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

3x Bigger Than
Other Lip Balms

Don't let the $12 price tag fool you...The larger tube means you're getting more balm. With all the different uses, you'll need some extra. The wider diameter makes it easier to apply to larger areas of skin, like your face.

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What Our Customers Say


Hands down the best lip balm I've ever used. It goes on smooth and rather than drying my lips out, keeps them moisturized even after the balm has worn off. I had to double check the ingredients because this stuff is pure gold. 10/10 would recommend :-)

Racquel from LA


The Lip Balm To End All Lip Balms! Whether I’m in the boardroom or the Patagonian wilderness, you can bet I have The Tube next to me. It keeps me feeling fresh and moisturized before trial and when I’m trekking in brutal winds. The natural ingredients and biodegradable tube are an added bonus.

Johnny from Lake Tahoe


Chap Stoke Cures Everything! From Indonesian overhead surf to Gorge Wing foiling to Baja kiting, this stuff works! Apply it all over your face and keep the elements from invading.

Alex from Baja


Great for skiing, protecting lips from windburn and preventing my finger tips from cracking in the dry Hokkaido air.

Ryan from Japan


Smooth Lips & Hydrated Facebeen using for a month now and have seen a huge difference in my lip texture and comfort. I spend a lot of time in the sun- this product helps me stay hydrated and smooth. also amazing smell and feel. I also use it on my cheeks when they are feeling dry or chapped- feels so good. Love the larger size.

Cally from Denver