The 'Burrito Bandito' is back by popular demand!

INGREDIENTS:  5 Stokes, 2 Banditos

This stretchy fabric with a Mexican blanket inspired print, wraps around your face like a flour tortilla. Just like a tortilla protects all of the ingredients in a burrito, this extra layer of stoke protects your face when the winds starts whipping. If you don't like burritos, this multi-purpose moisture wicking headwear accessory can also be utilized as a beanie, headband, neckscarf, wristband, pirate cap, snot rag or if you're in real bad shape, you can use it as TP. This perfect 'stoking' stuffer comes wrapped in tinfoil just like a burrito from your favorite authentic Mexican restaurant, except instead of carnitas, you'll find tubes of Stoke in the center... All the essential ingredients to becoming stoked out of your mind.